About us

La Productiva designs, organizes, manages and implements musical events, concerts and festivals; corporate events for brands and institutions.

We are a company specialized in the production of musical events, such as concerts and festivals, as well as in the organization of corporate events for various brands and institutions. Founded by Álex Sánchez Escribano and Isidro Matamoros, two professionals with extensive experience in the industry, we have a multidisciplinary and experienced internal team to tackle each project.

We offer comprehensive 360° production services, adapting to the needs of small-scale events to macro formats. Specialized in technical production, they also provide services in infrastructure, construction, operations, logistics and artistic aspects. Our work is not limited to execution, as we provide consulting services for the creation or improvement of existing events, aimed at those seeking to expand or perfect their processes.

With years of dedication in the audiovisual sector, La Productiva’s trajectory stands out in the production of corporate events, live music and gastronomy, among others. From the initial design phase to execution, the team is involved in all stages of project development, covering aspects such as space selection, artistic and technical design, infrastructure, logistics and operational management. In addition, we take care of all the tasks necessary for the execution of the project, from obtaining permits to hiring suppliers and managing event ticketing.

This, at La Productiva we have the goal of making our clients’ dreams come true through professionalism and dedication. A company that was born with a clear objective: to offer complete and personalized solutions for each project, guaranteeing quality service and meeting the most demanding expectations.

Our servicies

  • Selection of spaces
  • License Management
  • Technical Projects
  • Insurance
  • Acoustic Studies
  • Event Design
  • Technical Production
  • Logistics Management
  • Hiring suppliers
  • Infrastructure services
  • Construction services
  • Booking
  • Ticketing

Our Process

  1. Research: We begin each project by diving into specific needs and challenges to establish a clear purpose. From this point, we acquire a deep knowledge of the client and their market, as well as their main challenges and objectives.
  2. Concept: Our multidisciplinary team explores the technical and creative possibilities to define the context and materialize the project.
  3. Design: With the concept already defined, we survey the space, validate the technical production design and identify the necessary project resources.
  4. Production: The project becomes a reality through the production and installation of the physical resources necessary to materialize the client’s briefing with the assembly.
  5. Monitoring: Upon completion of assembly, we offer continuous monitoring and support to ensure its correct functioning and provide solutions that last over time.